•SMART is an acronym for « Self Mooring And Release technology”

•SMART Is the world first automated mooring system driven by video tracking cameras

•It establishes a safe, reliable, Multi tons, and High Voltage (up to 20 000 daN) mooring link within…. a few seconds !

•SMART relies on an innovative self locking hook and video tracking technologies which , beyond safety gains and superior speed of operations, allows an extremely compact and low cost installation on board (typically within one frame space) , making automated mooring affordable even for retrofit case on existing ships.

•On the terminal side, SMART technology can be easily implemented with a very limited footprint.

Optimized mooring solution for short sea and fjord crossing ferrys !

•A single SMART mooring system located at mid ship, combined with the locking of the vessel’s bow by a the terminal loading ramp maintains the vessel in position, supressing the need to use the propellers to keep the vessels in position ;

•Due to the speed and fully automated characteristics of SMART mooring system operations, it can be used even during few minutes stops, driving down the vessel power consumption and emissions…

SMART ( Self Mooring And Release Technology)

Flexible mooring solution for all type of vessels !

•SMART technology can be use for large or small vessels

•Number and pulling capabilities of SMART mooring interfaces can be optimized to project needs

In March 2016 :

SMART design and it is implementation study for electric ferry was completed

In September 2016 :

Smart demonstrator was displayed at the SMM Hamburg exhibition.

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