PLUG : A world first !

PLUG is an acronym for « Power Generation during Loading & Unloading »

PLUG Is the world first solution to establish a safe, reliable, Multi Mega Watt, and High Voltage (up to 11 000 Volts) ship shore power connection within…. a minute !

PLUG relies on an innovative automatic connector technology which , beyond safety gains and superior speed of operations, allows an extremely compact and low cost installation on board (typically within one frame space) , making shore power affordable even for retrofit case on existing ships.

On the terminal side, PLUG technology can be easily taylored to site specific constraints such as tide, quay geometry, etc...

A standardized and optimized shore power solution !

To simplify logistics and operations, NG3 proposes to use on the ship side the same shore power interface for all types of ships : ferries, container carriers ,RO/RO, cruise ships and whatever the voltage 440, 6600 or 11 000V…

A standardized ship side PLUG solutions would cover most of the merchant fleet shore power requirements.

Only power cables cross sections and voltage rating will vary according to the required power exchange requirement.


In January 2011

PLUG was selected to equip the Ropax Color Magic and the port of Oslo and was operational in September 2011. Since June 2012, PLUG is as well operational on Color Magic Sistership, Color Fantasy.

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In september 2013

PLUG was selected to equip the Color Line Superspeed 1 ROPAX and the Port of Kristiansand Andis , in operation since September 2014.

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In February 2014

PLUG was selected to equip Norledhybrid propulsion Folgefonn ferry and Jektevik terminal , in operation since March 2016

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In August 2015

PLUG was selected to equip Color lIne Superspeed 2 ROPAX and Larvik terminal , in operation since April 2016

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