NG3 PLUG shore power solution to equip Color Viking ROPAX and Color Line terminal in Sandefjord

Color Line has ordered to NG3 another PLUG shore connection to be installed on its Color Viking ROPAX and Sandefjord terminal.

This unit will be similar to the one installed on Superspeed 1 and 2 in Larvik and Kristiansand, but with, on the quay side, a higher power exchange capability to be compatible with the upcoming New build ROPAX that Color Line plan to order and operate, as well, in this port.

Power exchange requirement on the ship side is 2,5 MVA under 11 kV.

Another specific requirement for this project is that the quay side interface has to be installed on a raised platform to avoid any interface with a passengers escape route.
Installation is foreseen first quarter 2017.

PDF - 237.7 ko

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