What is argon ?…

Argon is a odor free, colour less, non flamable gas from air.
Argon is the most abundant "rare" gas in ambiant air (0,934% in volume).

Argon is a heavier than nitrogen and methane : its density in normal conditions is 1,7836kg/m3)

Argon is an inert, non toxic, gas. It is,as well, non corrosive.

Due to its thermal properties, argon is widely used as a filling gas for double glazing or for professional deep diving suits...

What is « Shore power », « Cold ironing », HVSC* ?

These different terms covers the same principle : connect vessels to the shore power grid when in port to allow them to switch off their on board generator sets.

This straegy, already widely used in Navies is now beeing extended to the mershant navy, essentially to reduce emissions, allowing vessels to get access to greener, potentially less expensive, power sources.

The following gains are expected :

  • suppress of gensets emissions, noise and vibrations ;
  • reduction of gensets fuel and maintenance costs.

Historically, "cold ironing" is a US navy term which was derived from the fact that when the gensets were switch off, the engine room steel structure was getting cold !!

* HVSC est un acronyme pour "High Voltage Shore Connection".

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