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NG3 gets an order from Norvegian Electric Systems

22 January 2019

NG3 gets an order from Norvegian Electric Systems to equip with PLUG the four newbuilt ropax vessels ordered by the norvegian shipowner Havilla. These vessels will use PLUG not only for hotel load during the call, but as well to charge the (...) Learn More...

NG3 delivers PLUGs for Hurtigruten Polarlys and Nordkapp Ropax

October 2018

After SpitsBergen and Kong Harald, NG3 just delivered two PLUG shore connection systems on board Polarlys and Nordkapp. Compared to the two previous vessles the main difference is that the interfaces are located on the aft mooring deck, avoiding (...) Learn More...

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NG3 is a startup company created in October 2012 by Damien FEGER.

NG3 is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to improve the shipping and harbor industries energy efficiency and environmental footprint.

NG3 first activities will focus on the exploitation of the “PLUG” shore connection and argon tank insulation technologies.

NG3 is looking for agents :

To complete its world wide net work of agents NG3 is looking for agents in USA, Canada, Switzerland, China…